Craft Llama members can join and create Crafting Groups – groups of people with a common interest.

Some Group ideas include:

  • A group of friends who regularly craft together
  • Members of a local crafting group
  • People who share an unusual craft
  • Your best buds

Basically, any bunch of members who have something in common.

Groups can be open to all Craft Llama members, by invitation only or closed to just a small, set group.  It’s up to you.

What Groups Can I Join?

You may be sent an invitation to join a group.  Or you can search for groups to join.

How Do I Search For Groups To Join?

Click on Community then Groups to go to the main groups directory.  From here you can search for groups that interest you.

You can list the groups in order of Last Active, Most Members, Newly Created or Alphabetical too.

On the right side of the screen (on computers, at the bottom on tablets and phones) you will see a small selection of available groups too.  Again you can choose different criteria, or click on the word Groups to go directly to the Groups Directory.

Where Do I See the Groups I Am In?

Click on My Craft Llama and then My Groups in the main menu at the top of the screen.

Or choose “Groups” from your Profile Page menu.

Click on the icon for any group to go to its own Activity Feed page.  Here you can join in with group discussions.  The options available to you will depend on what the group leaders have chosen.

How Do I Create a New Group?

Choose Community and then Create a Group from the main menu in the centre top of your screen.

Of use the Create a Group option that is at the top of the Groups Directory page.

Follow the six simple steps to set up your new group.  You can edit this again later on if you need.

Choose from the three options as to whether you want your group to be public, private or hidden.

Add a profile picture for the group.  Remember that the finished picture will be a circle.

Crop and adjust the image – the small circle on the right is the preview of what the finished picture will look like. Click “crop image” when the image looks right.

You can also upload a cover image for the group’s Activity Feed.  Solid colours look great – you can upload a tiny image if using a solid coloured background.  You do not need to have a cover image if you don’t want, or you can add it later on.

You can then choose, or search for any members you would like to initally invite to your new group.

You can edit your groups profile picture, cover image and group details at any time.

Your new group is ready and you can begin to post to it.  Have fun 🙂

USEFUL TIP – make sure you include keywords for what your group is about in the description so that people can search for it and find it.  For example, if your group is called The Hooky Guys then say that it is about crochet in the description so anyone searching “crochet” will actually find you!

How Do I Know If I Have Been Invited to a Group?

Group invitation requests will come up in your Activity Freed.

You can also see if you have any by going to your groups tab on your profile page (or click on My Craft Llama, then My Groups on the main menu) and then choosing INVITATIONS.

Clicking MEMBERSHIPS will take you back to the list of the groups you are a member of.

How Do I Invite People To Join a Group?

Go to the page for the group (click on the groups name in the Groups Directory or the list on your Profile Page etc.)

There is a menu with an option to SEND INVITES.

You can send invitations via Craft Llama from this page, or you can choose to invite via emails instead if you prefer.

To search for a Craft Llama member, type all or part of their name in the search box.  After a few seconds all available matches will come up, and you can select from this list.


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