You can easily get to the Craft Llama forums by:

Clicking on Content and then The Forums in the big menu at the top of the screen

Or clicking the big Forums button on the right side of the screen.

Or just click this link – Craft Llama Forums

Forum Basics

The Forums are divided into two parts:

The upper part is for all members and is the place to discuss all things crafty.  Share tutorials and tips, discuss the latest products and techniques and catch up on the news and gossip.

The lower part is especially for those of you who sell your crafts – whether it is online or in person at craft shows etc.

Please make sure you have read the Forum rules before posting.

Your Forum posts will also be added to your Activity Feed.

How Do I Reply to a Post?

Above every post is a little menu.  From this you pick Reply to open your own dialogue box

Can I Edit My Posts after Submitting Them?

You can.  There is an Edit option in the menu on each post.  Please remember though that if your post already has replies then editing it might cause the thread to no longer make sense.

How Do I Add a Picture?

Above the box where you are typing your post you will see a menu.  Click on the option that says IMG (short of image). Add the URL (web address) of the image to the pop up box to insert it into your post.  The image will not show until you submit the post.

Your image needs to be hosted elsewhere for this.  You can link to images from your social networking feeds, blog and similar sources.  I use Tumblr.

How Do I Add a Link to My Post?

Above the box where you are typing your post there is a menu.  Choose the option that says link.

How Do I Make a Word Bold or Italic?

You can format your post from the menu above the post box.  Highlight part of your text and choose b for bold, or i for italic.

How Do I Report an Inappropriate Post?

We want Craft Llama to be a safe, friendly site for all visitors.  Therefore we have rules about what is appropriate for posting in the forums.  The Forum Rules are here and the general Craft Llama User Guidelines are here.

If you see a post that you believe is inappropriate – for example, swearing, being mean to others etc – you can easily report it.  There is a REPORT option in the little menu above every post.  Admin will deal with the post as soon as possible.

Click here for more information on Inappropriate Content reporting.

How Do I Subscribe to Threads I Like?

There is a SUBSCRIBE option at the top of every thread to follow a particular thread.

How Do I Mark a Post to Read Later?

At the top of every thread there is a FAVOURITE option.  Click this to save the thread to your Favourites so you can find it again later. (See picture above)

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