You can send Private Messages to other members of the Craft Llama community.  As the name suggests, no one else can see the contents of the message.

How Do I Send a Private Message?

There are a few different ways to easily send a Private Message.

Click on the name of the member to whom you wish to send a message.  This will bring up their Profile Page.

There is a link to send a message on a member’s Profile Page.

You can also send a message directly from the member’s Profile Card in the Members Directory (click on “Community” then “Members” in the main menu).

How Do I Make Sure the Message is Private?

When sending a message to another Craft Llama member you will see an option “This is a notice to all users”.

If you tick this option then your message will go on the member’s Activity Feed and be view-able to everyone.  Just leave the option unticked and only the intended member will be able to read your messages.

How Do I Read and Manage My Private Messages?

Click “My Craft Llama” and then “Messages” from the menu in the centre top of the screen to get to your Messages page.

Or click on “Messages” from the big menu on your Profile Page (see picture below).

You will be able to see your messages.  Check the little star next to any messages you want to mark.

Beneath the main menu is a smaller menu with your other Messages options.  From here you can see the messages you have starred, messages you have already sent, compose a new message and see any notices you have received.

There is also a delete button on every message.

Ticking the little box to the left of messages allows you to apply bulk actions from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page.

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