What is the Activity Stream?

The Activity Stream is the main community area of Craft Llama.  Here you can post your latest news, read about your friends’ crafty adventures, send Private Messages and Compliments and generally do chatty, crafty stuff.

How Do I Get to the Activity Stream?

Click on “Community” and then on “Activity Stream” on the main menu at the centre top of the page.

Or click the first option on the big menu on your Profile Page (picture below).

How Do I Use the Activity Stream?

Just type your latest news, projects etc into the big blank box, then click on “Post Update” – your post will now be added to your Activity Feed.

How Do I See Only My Friend’s Posts?

Just above the activity feed there are options as to what information you can see.

To the right of this is a drop down menu that allows you to filter the type of information you see on the Activity Stream.

How Do I Post To The Activity Feed of One of My Groups?

Underneath the post box there is an option called “Post in”.  You can use this to choose “My Profile” (post to your main Activity Feed) or directly to one of the groups of which you are a member.

How Do I Include a Picture?

When typing your post you will see a Media button underneath the text box.  Click on this to bring up a standard file selector.  Choose your image from your computer and you will see a little picture of it underneath your post.

Once you click on “Post Update” your picture will become part of your Activity Feed post (as in the picture below).

Please note that images are limited to 800 x 800 pixels.  We would appreciate it if you optimize your pictures before uploading them – ie “save for web” when saving in your graphics programs.  Smaller images take up less space on our servers.

How Do I Comment on Someone’s Post?

Under each post on the Activity Feed you will see a button called “Comment” – just click this 🙂  You can also comment on your own posts.

How Do I Share Someone’s Post?

Under each post on the Activity Feed you will see a button called “Share”.  This will bring up options to share to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or Google+.

How Can I Control What Posts I Can See?

Near the top of the Activity Feed page there is a drop down menu called Show (see picture below).  From here you can choose many different options of what posts you can currently see.  Just choose which you want – you can change back again any time.

Can I Delete a Post?

Yes, under every post you make there is a Delete button.


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